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NFT Migration

Our dev team has been striving to provide NFT holders with a better, more secure, and more sustainable environment for a long time. For this aim, they implemented a better, future-proof and upgradeable contract for Braindom NFT collection. However, this switch entails migration of current NFT collections. It is a technical imperative so that contracts will also improve calibration and harmony with new games and their NFTs.

In order to migrate your Braindom NFT(s), please review the following guide:

How to Migrate

Step 1: Connect your wallet and switch your network to “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 2: Click “Display My Brian NFTs” below and ensure all your NFTs are listed.

Step 3: Click “Migrate All” to start the migration process.

Step 4: Approve the transaction fee for “Set Approval” process in your wallet.

Step 5: Approve the transaction fee for “Migration” in your wallet

Note: During the NFT migration process, some wallets might be asked to approve the transaction fee a second time. If so, approve it to continue the process. “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 6: Wait for the Confirmation Notice at the bottom of the page, then you are done! “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

Step 7: If you encounter a timeout (due to ETH network) you can refresh the page and safely restart the process. “Ethereum Mainnet (ETH).”

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